Unto what age can I cover my child?

In most cases, the law allows you to cover any child to age 26.

My child is no longer in school, can I still cover them?

Yes. Unlike before the ACA, children do not have to be students in order to stay covered past age 21.

My child no longer lives at home, can I still cover them?

Yes. Children do not have to live at home or even in the same state to be covered under the plan. Keep in mind that your plan may or may not have a provider network that is reliable in your child’s area.

My child is married, can I still cover them?

Yes, you can cover them, but not their spouse or your grandchildren.

My child has already turned 26, can I cover them?

Typically, no. Some states or employers may have different rules, but as for Texas and most insurers and employers, you cannot cover children as a dependent past the month of their 26th birthday unless they are a dependent due to disability. However, your child may be eligible for continuation of coverage through COBRA or Texas State Continuation. Contact your agent for special rules for continuation.

My child is pregnant, is the pregnancy and birth covered?

Yes, it is covered as any other procedure. However, the newborn will not have coverage available under the plan and must have their own coverage purchased within 30 days to cover their costs associated with the birth.

Does my child have to be a tax dependent to be covered under my plan?

No, the law does not require a child to be a tax dependent to be eligible to be covered.

My child has other coverage available through their employer, can I still cover them?

In some cases, yes, but an employer can choose to refuse coverage to children over the age of 18 who have coverage offered by their employer. Employers cannot refuse coverage to children under the age of 26 due to individual or student coverage availability.

My child under 26 has a preexisting condition, can I still cover them?

Yes, an insurance plan cannot deny coverage due to any health condition.

Can I cover my grandchild?

You can only cover a grandchild if you are the legal guardian of that grandchild.

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